We all wanted to see Bratislava, but perhaps Lizette and Thomas wanted it a little bit more than I. But I was surprised too see how nice it was there. The old town was excellent and it was very inexpensive. We could eat a lot in a restaurant and still not pay more than 5 € each. We only visited the capital, and then drove off to Brno in the Czech Republic, but that is another story:-) We were also impressed by the industriousness of the Slovakian people who were relentlessly working on their infrastructure. There was enormous road construction work on the motorway. Some of the pictures show, however, what it is like now, and then you can imagine what it will look like in a few years time, when they have fixed everything.

On the border between Hungary and SlovakiaA Slovakian roadHotel in Bratislava

Our room at the hotelWorking on the infrastructure in Bratislavacurious hole in the road in Bratislava

BratislavaBridge over the Danube in BratislavaLonely house in Bratislava

The Castle of BratislavaRoad sign in BratislavaBridge over the Danube in Bratislava


The Castle of BratislavaBratislavaWaiting for repair in Bratislava

BratislavaBratislavaStatue in Bratislava

BratislavaStatue in BratislavaHotel in Bratislava


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