We are always in a hurry when we want to go down to Germany, but this year we gave Sweden three days, and we saw a number of cities and other places, including Gothenburg, Malmö and Västerås. The airbase F7 at Såtenäs gave an unforgettable air show on 18 June, and there are a couple of movies from that particular day, but you need to have Quicktime to be able to see anything at all.

SalaRoundabout near EskilstunaAt Torshälla

The Cathedral of SkaraAir Show at SåtenäsAndré Odeblom at Såtenäs

Air Show at SåtenäsWanna hear the planes better:-)The sound level is high

JAS Gripen at SåtenäsJAS Gripen at SåtenäsTram in Gothenburg

Gustavus Adolphus - the founder of GothenburgSwedbank in GothenburgTram in Gothenburg

Feskekörka - a big fish market in GothenburgMalmö City HallMalmö

The Öresund BridgeThe Öresund BridgeThe Öresund Bridge

Movie Number One from Såtenäs

Movie Number Two from Såtenäs

Movie Number Three from Såtenäs

Movie Number Four from Såtenäs

Movie Number Five from Såtenäs

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