7 July 2007
7 July 2007 was the best day weatherwise. We were as always shocked by Swiss prices: a Milkshake for ca 5 EUR! The games in the window at the bottom of this page are extremely expensive. We went to Milan this day and saw the dome and The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci in the convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie. Few people spoke English in Milan, and we missed Switzerland, so we wanted to go back to Switzerland. The last four pictures are from Locarno. In the evening we saw the tunnel of St Gotthard. It is ca 16 km long. We stayed at the Ibis in Chur for the night.

Silva Plana in SwitzerlandSilva Plana in SwitzerlandSilva Plana in Switzerland

Silva Plana in SwitzerlandSilva Plana in SwitzerlandSwitzerland

SwitzerlandAndré Odeblom in SwitzerlandSwitzerland


Lizette Nilsson in MilanMilanMilan

MilanAndré Odeblom in MilanMilan

MilanMilanLeonardo da Vinci in Milan



Palms in Locarno, Switzerland

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