11 July 2007
In the morning the lady told us about the paintings in the ceiling, and the breakfast was very good. We visited the Eagle's Nest (Kehlsteinhaus in German) in the morning. We met a couple from Sweden on the bus up to the top. In Berchtesgaden at lunchtime we saw strange words on a wall (picture 18). We tried to interpret it in a polite way, but we could not do it. In Braunau am Inn we saw a man receiving a parking ticket, which he attached to another car, and left the scene. The house of Hitler was also to be seen. The last picture depicts Passau, with its confluence of three rivers: Donau, Inn and Ilz. We went to Nuremberg in the evening.

André OdeblomAndré Odeblom at RamsauRamsau

RamsauEagle's NestEagle's Nest

Eagle's NestEagle's NestEagle's Nest

Eagle's NestAndré OdeblomEagle's Nest

André OdeblomEagle's NestEagle's Nest

Eagle's NestBerchtesgadenBerchtesgaden

Lizette Nilsson in Braunau am InnBraunau am InnBraunau am Inn

Braunau am InnBraunau am InnPassau

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