13 July 2007
In the morning we crossed the border to the Czech Republic. The petrol was extremely inexpensive so we filled up our tank, and saw Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad in German). Well, there was not much to see, so we drove along the Czech border through cities like Ústí nad Labem and Decín. In the last one we had a good meal. I took the most expensive course on the menu, and it only cost 13 EUR... The highlight of the day was Bastei in the Saxony Switzerland, which we had not counted on seeing. We stayed for the night in a hotel in Dresden.

Lizette Nilsson in Karlovy VaryKarlovy VaryKarlovy Vary

Karlovy VaryKarlovy VaryÚstí nad Labem

André Odeblom in DecínDecínElbe at Bastei

Elbe at BasteiElbe at BasteiBastei

BasteiAndré Odeblom at BasteiBastei

Lizette Nilsson at BasteiAndré Odeblom at BasteiHotel in Dresden

André Odeblom

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