14 July 2007
Dresden has unusually many sights for a city of around 500 000 inhabitants: Fürstenzug, the Semperoper, the Hofkirche, Zwinger, Frauenkirche, and the Figure representing Kindness. Closely after World War II Richard Peter took one of the most famous pictures of the war, when he got up in the tower of the city council and shot the picture of the figure Güte. See the famous picture here. Later that evening we went to the castle of Moritzburg. We had nowhere to stay for the night, and we wanted to try a top hotel, so we chose Hotel Mercure in Meissen.

Fürstenzug in DresdenSemperoper in DresdenHofkirche in Dresden

Zwinger in DresdenZwinger in DresdenZwinger in Dresden

André Odeblom in the Zwinger in DresdenZwinger in DresdenZwinger in Dresden

Hofkirche and Castle in DresdenHofkirche in DresdenFrauenkirche in Dresden

Figur Güte in DresdenIbis in DresdenAndré Odeblom with Figur Güte in Dresden

Haus des Buches in DresdenDresdenFrauenkirche in Dresden

Frauenkirche in DresdenRe-enactment of a famous photoThe City Council of Dresden

DresdenRaod signs in MoritzburgThe Castle of Moritzburg

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