24 June 2007
We left Umeå around 8.15 in the morning and had lunch at IKEA in Sundsvall. It was raining between Gävle and Uppsala, but otherwise the weather was fine. We checked in at Hotel Ibis Hägersten in Stockholm, which was quite nice after having driven 650 kilometres. We decided that we wanted to see as much as possible as usual, so we went to Lidingö, Danderyd, the Castle of Ulriksdal, Solna, Djursholm and Skepparholmen.

Höga Kusten Bridge, Lizette Nilsson in LidingöLidingö

André Odeblom in LidingöAndré Odeblom with a friendThe Castle of Ulriksdal

Big snailAndré OdeblomDeer at Ulriksdal

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