25 June 2007
Since it was such a nice day we decided to have our breakfast outside, and after that we spent more or less the whole day walking in the city of Stockholm. To get some rest we took the car to Stockholm Quality Outlet at Barkarby in the evening and from there we drove on to Värmdö and the castle of Tyresö. Picture 35 shows one of the giant snails that had been invading Sweden during the summer.

Hotel Ibis HägerstenVästertorpLizette Nilsson in Västertorp

Tube VästertorpHornsgatan in StockholmKatarinahissen

The Old Town of StockholmLizette Nilsson at SlussenKatarinahissen

The Old Town of StockholmKaknästornetRoad signs

Expressen and Dagens NyheterStockholmSöder

The Old Town of StockholmAndré Odeblom in the Old Town of StockholmTyska kyrkan (German Church) in Stockholm

The Royal Castle of StockholmLizette Nilsson in StockholmSergels Torg (Square)

ergels Torg (Square)The restaurant London in StockholmKungliga Biblioteket (the Royal Library)

Stockholms stadshus (City Council)Stockholms stadshus (City Council)Västerbron

RiddarholmskyrkanHögalidskyrkanLizette Nilsson in Stockholm

Birger JarlStockholms stadshus (City Council)Barkarby Outlet Centre

André Odeblom in TyresöBig snailAndré Odeblom in Tyresö

Tyresö Castle

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