Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square is an old square in the middle of London. It was built in 1840, and the statue of Lord Nelson on the top of the column was in its place 3 years later. The fountains came into existence in 1845 (remodelled in 1939), and the lions have guarded Nelson since 1868. Today the Square is sometimes used for political meetings, but mostly tourists gather here year round. In December a big Christmas tree is erected on the Square. It is a gift from the people of Norway in remembrance of the aid that was given them by the English people in the Second World War.

Nelson's ColumnFountains at Trafalgar SquareStatues in the fountains

Big Ben from Trafalgar SquareNelson's ColumnWaterstones from Trafalgar Square

St Martin in the FieldsTrafalgar SquareNational Gallery

LionsNational GalleryNelson's Column

St Martin in the FieldsBig Ben and Nelson's ColumnNelson's Column

Admiralty Arch from Trafalgar SquareNelson's ColumnThe Cenotaph

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