CeBIT 2006  
CeBIT is always fascinating, and this year I was particularly interested in flat TV's. The star of the show was of course Panasonic's 103" big one. The resolution was extremely high, at least to me. There were also other things that I liked, for example playing table tennis with a computer man as big as I, and a screen which I could control with my eyes, as they acted as a mouse. The very last page shows messages written on damp. I could actually put my hand through the damp, and did not disturb the text.

CeBIT 2006CeBIT 2006CeBIT 2006

Helicopter from the parking lotCeBIT-TowerCeBIT

SignLiljaskolan at the CeBIT-ExhibitionCongress Centre CeBIT

CeBITCeBITFlat 102

Flat 102Flat 102Flat 102

Flat TV'sCeBITAndré Odeblom playing virtual table tennis

André Odeblom playing virtual table tennisCongress Centre CeBITRobots at CeBIT

CeBITFlat TV's at CeBITFlat TV's at CeBIT

Flat TV's at CeBITAndré Odeblom at CeBITAndré Odeblom at CeBIT

Football players at CeBITFootball players at CeBITFlat 103

Playing computer football at CeBITInterested spectatorsDamp commercial at CeBIT

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