Rome - the Eternal City  
Rome has so many sights: the Vatican, Castel Sant'Angelo, the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps, Roman Forum just to mention a few. This was my first visit to the city, and the second best city ever (after London, of course). Check out this very good Rome website. I happened to see my first palm ever, and I also saw the Mediterranean Sea for the first time. Many first times for me, and I hope to go back to Italy this summer.

ColosseumColosseumThe North Face Italy

Termini in RomeCastel Sant'Angelo in RomeTowards the Vatican

Towards the VaticanThe TiberMonument to Victor Emanuel II

Monument to Victor Emanuel IIForum RomanumForum Romanum

ColosseumForum RomanumColosseum

ColosseumPalm in RomeCircus Maximus

Spanish StepsAndré Odeblom on the Spanish StepsSpanish Steps

Spanish StepsSpanish StepsSpanish Steps

Fontana di TreviFontana di Trevithe Pantheon in Rome

Castel Sant'AngeloOn the banks of the TiberMoving statue in Rome

Monument to Victor Emanuel IIInside the ColosseumInside the Colosseum

Inside the ColosseumInside the ColosseumInside the Colosseum

Inside the ColosseumColosseumA cat outside the Colosseum

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