Heidelberg is a gem in Baden-Württemberg. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, perhaps due to the fact that it was never bombed by the allies in World War II. The main sight in Heidelberg is a castle, but the French turned it into a ruin in the 17th century. Today, only 140,000 people live in the town, so it is rather a small city. The university of the city was founded very early (1386), so early that it was the first one in Germany. The Hauptstraße is the main shopping street in the city. We visited Heidelberg on 2 January 2006, and there was hardly any snow to be seen!

Old Bridge in HeidelbergOld Bridge in HeidelbergOld Bridge in Heidelberg

Flowers in HeidelbergHeidelberg Main Train StationTowards Hauptstrasse in Heidelberg

Bismarckplatz in HeidelbergBismarckplatz in HeidelbergBest Department Store in Germany

Hauptstrasse in HeidelbergGreen Heidelberg January 2A house in Heidelberg

Hauptstrasse in HeidelbergOld Bridge in HeidelbergHeidelberg Castle

HeidelbergHeidelbergNeckar in Heidelberg

Old Bridge in HeidelbergOld Bridge in HeidelbergNeckar in Heidelberg

Sun in HeidelbergOld Bridge in HeidelbergOld Bridge in Heidelberg

Old Bridge in HeidelbergThe Castle of HeidelbergMain Square of Heidelberg

The City Council of HeidelbergThe Castle of HeidelbergHeidelberg

Mountain tram in HeidelbergHouses near Heidelberg CastleHeidelberg Castle

A house opposite Heidelberg CastleHeidelberg CastleHeidelberg Castle

Heidelberg CastleHeidelberg CastleNeckar in Heidelberg

Neckar in HeidelbergHeidelbergOld Bridge in Heidelberg

HeidelbergHeidelbergNeckar in Heidelberg

HeidelbergHeidelbergHeidelberg Castle

Grass in HeidelbergHeidelberg CastleHeidelberg

Grass in HeidelbergNeckar in HeidelbergHeidelberg Castle

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