Baden-Württemberg 2005-2006
We chose not to see Baden-Württemberg, except for Ulm, during the summer of 2005, so it was time to go back in the winter and see the big cities of the state, like Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Heidelberg. There had been tremendous snowstorms prior to our arrival, and there was actually more snow in Stuttgart compared to the Stockholm area 2,400 km more to the north when we arrived on 28 December. On New Year's Day, however, almost all snow was gone. That is the difference between Stockholm and Stuttgart. The latter has the advantage of being able to have all snow melted away in January, thanks to its geographical location. That would not happen so easily in Stockholm.

Entrance for Wintry StuttgartEntrance for Spring-like Stuttgart

Entrance for Stuttgart by NightEntrance for Stuttgart indoors

Entrance for Stuttgart on New Year's EveEntrance for Ludwigsburg

Entrance for Schwäbisch GmündEntrance for Karlsruhe

Entrance for HeidelbergEntrance for Airports

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