Cities of Belgium
I have always had a crush on Belgium, the tiny country tucked in between its bigger neighbours Great Britain, France and Germany. In the easter of 2005 we went to Belgium and stayed at Hotel Albert in Brussels. When we arrived in Brussels there were few people out in the streets... The day after we rented a car and decided to go to the Belgian coast, and yes the whole of Ostende was crammed with people from all over the country. We had difficulties finding a parking space. People lay on the beach trying to sunbathe, even though there was no sun. We had dinner at Langewade (in Dutch only), the only available restaurant on Easter Monday. We also visited Ypres that day. During our stay we went to Ghent and Antwerp as well. The idea is to show images from Brussels, Bruges, Ghent and Antwerp and other places. Click on an image to be transferred to somewhere in Belgium!

Antwerp Entrance

Belgium Entrance

Brussels Entrance

Bruges Entrance

Ghent Entrance

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