Alexanderplatz -the City Centre of Berlin
The Alexanderplatz is regarded as the city centre today, but was in fact arable land in the 17th Century. In the 1880s the place developed into a junction for the eastern parts of Berlin. WWII reduced Alexanderplatz to a heap of ruins, but was transformed into this magnificent square laid out by the DDR-Government in the 1960s. Such remarkable sights as The World Clock, Brunnen der Völkerfreundschaft (The fountain of Friendship between Peoples) and the TV-Tower were created in an attempt to compete with the centre of West Berlin. The fountain was being restored when I was there in March 2003, and in July I could see the result. One last thing. Why is the square called Alexanderplatz? The Russian tsar Alexander I paid a visit to Berlin in 1805, and that is the reason for renaming the square.


Tram at AlexanderplatzWorld Clock Alexanderplatz in Berlin

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