Study Tour in Poland 2009
After Berlin we went to Breslau, which was just a short stopover during the night. We wanted to see the concentration and extermination camp of Auschwitz close to Cracow. It was interesting, and everyone asked himself: how could this happen? In Cracow we saw the Main Market Square with St Mary's Basilica, and a little further away the Castle and the Ghetto.

Breslau by nightBreslau at dawnBreslau at dawn

A youth hostel in BreslauAuschwitzAuschwitz





St Mary's Basilica in CracowA youth hostel on the Main Market Square in CracowMiod i Wino in Cracow

St Mary's Basilica in CracowThe Cracow GhettoThe Cracow Ghetto

Beautiful church in Cracow

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