St Pauls

USA 2015


In the USA for the fifth time and in California for the fourth time. Most things were familiar but we visited places we had previously never been to, like Legoland, Huntingdon and Laguna Beaches, Grand Canyon, and Utah. Top things were the Great Salt Lake Desert, Grand Canyon, and the beaches of the Los Angeles Area. A city that seem to grow on you is Salt Lake City, which we only visited for two days. The climate in the desert is somewhat harsh and we promised ourselves that we would not complain when we got to San Francisco and its rather cool weather.


Length of Stay in the USA: Tuesday 16 June-Tuesday 14 July 2015.

Total length of Stay: Tuesday 16 June-Wednesday 15 July 2015 because of the time difference.

Means of Transportation within Sweden: Mercedes W212.

Means of Transportation from Sweden: Norwegian.


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