St Pauls

Malaga 2011


Ever since I first heard about Malaga during FIFA World Cup 1982 I have wanted to see it. In April 2011 it was time for it. We wanted to go somewhere warm, and RyanAir actually had a route there from Västerås. We thought Malaga lay 50 kilometres inland, but when we checked it up we got a pleasant surprise, as it lay by the sea. The hotel was in Torremolinos, a few kilometres to the west of Malaga. It was indeed warm, and I could bathe in the sea outside the hotel as early as 14 April. Malaga is an extremely green city, as no snow falls on the city at all. We visited the Gibralfaro and, and for the first time of our lives we were able to see oranges growing in the trees. We also attended a La Liga-match between Malaga and Mallorca (3-0). We were not in Malaga all the time, as we also went to the cities of Seville and Cordoba.


It was Santa Semana (Holy Week) when we were in Spain and we saw many processions with people in traditional clothes. We learnt that people have dressed up like this for a long time, and we had never seen or heard about this before.


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