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Andre Odeblom


André Odeblom


My name is André Odeblom and I am a teacher of Swedish, English, and German at Liljaskolan (an upper secondary school in northern Sweden). I have had a website since May 14 2003, and I have extended it over the years, as my travelling has increased. I am a restless soul, who from time to time need challenges. Not only can most of my journeys be viewed on my site, but also a page dedicated to my students at Liljaskolan. They are able to get many of their assignments and important things 24/7.


I live with my wife Lizette Odeblom in Umeå and commute to work to the municipality of Vännäs, 30 km west of Umeå. I am 44 years old and I am interested in a lot of things, for example: Luleå Hockey, Turf, hands up!, classical music. economy, arts, architecture, Mercedes cars, German, Germany, USA, and of course travelling. I have been to Germany 27 times in my life. You might wonder what is so special about Germany: Autobahn, all the things on offer, the sights, the open-mindedness of the German society and of course the language. Great Britain is not far behind with 26 times, as we go there 3-4 times a year.