St Pauls

Cyprus 2015-2016


I have wanted to go to Cyprus for 20 years and 2015 it was the time. We were there between December 26, 2015 and January 2, 2016. We stayed in Larnaca but took the bus to other cities like Nicosia, Limassol and Ayia Napa. Nicosia is the only divided city in Europe, and we visited the two parts of the town. In Limassol we took a taxi to Kourion, the archeologial site situated in the UK part of Cyprus, approximately 21 kilometres from the city center. The Roman Theater and the pillars still standing were fantastic.


Ayia Napa was sleepy in the winter, but we walked from the marina to Nissi Beach. I even walked into the water at Sandy Bay. At Nissi Beach it started to rain and it was cold during the New Year. The day after we once again went back to Nicosia, as it was very fun there. The fireworks on the stroke of 12 only went on for four minutes. Ordinary people did not shoot fireworks, which was quite unlike the situation in Sweden and Germany. The good weater returned for a brief period on the day we went back to Sweden.


Length of Stay: Monday 7 March-Saturday 2 January 2016.

Means of Transportation within Sweden: Mercedes W212.

Means of Transportation from Sweden: Norwegian.



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