St Pauls

England 2017


We went o England July 2 2017 and started with one night in London, close to Euston Station. In the morning of July 3 we took the train to Liverpool and stayed there for four nights in the Shankly Hotel, which was one of the best hotels we had ever stayed at in England. We visited Anfield, home of Liverpool FC, and the Beatles Museum, crossed the Mersey, took a bath in our bubble pool in the room.. It is not a far way from Liverpool to Manchester, so we had a day out there looking at sights, turfing, and shopping.


July 7 we went to London. I took part in four masses (Lizette in three) in St Paul's Cathedral each Sunday in July. The music was Joseph Haydn's masses. We also visited a lot of palaces, Hampton Court, Kew, Kensington, and Windsor Castle.


We visited quite a few pubs, in Greenwich, Southwark, Fulham, Leyton, and the oldest pub in England: Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem in Nottingham. We also used train to go to Southend-on-Sea, at the mouth of the Thames.


We also turfed a lot, and I was awarded a regional medal for Greater London, a country medal for the UK, and when we got home I got Greed-300 in Söderhamn. The last one, meant that I held 300 zones at the same time.


During our five-week stay in England we met a lot of friends from Sweden. Stefan and I hired a bike and turfed together. Other friends were Folke, Carina, Julia, Marie, and Jim. We bought a monthly travelcard for zones 1-4, and enjoyed unlimited travel. We like the tube and the buses a lot.


August 4 we went back to Sweden and drove around in the Stockholm area, Vaxholm, Rindö, Nynäshamn before we walked for a while at Drottningholm, where the palace with the same name is located. The Chinese Pavilion is always a favorite with us. In the evening we drove all the way to Umeå and arrived at 8.30 in the morning, after some turfing in Söderhamn and some sleeping in the car on the High Coast.


Length of Stay: Sunday 2 July-Friday 4 August 2017.

Means of Transportation within Sweden: Mercedes S212.

Means of Transportation from Sweden: Norwegian.



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