St Pauls

Germany 2010


After having visited Vienna and eastern Europe, we went straight to Germany and did something we had wanted to do since 2007; we went by boat to the church of St. Bartolomä. The guide in the boat on the Königssee blew a trumpet and the sound bounced between the mountain walls. We also saw Ramsau and Berchtesgaden before leaving for Munich.


Road signs are always a great hit with me and on the road to Nuremberg we took such photos and the result is in the slideshow. Fürth, Erlangen, and Bamberg were cities on our way to our friends in Wutha-Farnroda, the Kiel family. We had a great time in their care and we got Thüringer Bratwurst, one of my two favorite sausages (the other being the Swedish Jokkmokkskorv). Martin Luther's home for ten months, the Wartburg, was a delight for the eye. The same afternoon we had the opportunity to go to Schmalkalden, and so we did. The day after we took leave of our friends and went to Buchenwald, Dessau, Berlin, and Hamburg before returning to Sweden.


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