St Pauls

London 2011


The class of Advanced English 09 went to Cambridge and London in order to study the English language and culture. They were accommodated in families scattered around the Bell International School in Cambridge, and they received tuition in the mornings and the afternoons. I saw the King's College Chapel, and the Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial in Cambridge, and in London I saw the old familiar sights. One highlight was that after having travelled to the tube station Chiswick Park, I have visited all tube stations in London. It took 14 journeys to London in almost 19 years to do so. Every now and then during these years I have travelled to the end station of a line and back. Saturday 21 May we all went to London, all except one student and I for their first time ever, and they were especially thrilled about Primark in Oxford Street. The students were very pleased with their stay in Cambridge, and the staff at Bell's were helpful and efficient as always.


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