St Pauls

London 2023


We were in London three weeks, but this year we were accompanied by three friends, who can be seen in some of the pictures. Stefan and I walked in many parks together, Lizette, Marie and I playing table tennis in White City, and Lars and I first went with the cable car from North Greenwich to the Royal Docks, and then biked together on the Isle of Dogs. Lizette and Marie went on an organized walk with a guide. Highlights this year were of course the many parks, St James's Park, Green Park, and Kensington Gardens among others.


The masses at St Paul's Cathedral, National Portrait Gallery, Piccadilly Circus, the pub Churchill Arms, Imperial War Museum, biking with Lizette between Putney Bridge and Hammersmith Bridge and back, the Greenwich peninsula, Hampstead Heath, the Isle of Dogs, table tennis in White City, Five Guys, the Garden at 120, the Light Tunnel at King's Cross St Pancras, Harry Potter walks on our own, turfing, walking with a guidebook at Greenwich thereby discovering the Fan Museum. and the efficient transportation system were other highlights.



Length of Stay: Saturday 17June-Saturday 8 July 2022

Means of Transportation within Sweden: Mercedes X213

Means of Transportation from Sweden: British Airways from Stockholm


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