Luleň 2014-2015


Luleå is the place to be. We love Luleå and go there 1-2 times a week during the hockey season as we have season tickets for Luleå Hockey's games. At times we go there during off-season and most of the pictures are from the period May to September. Depicted are sights in the Luleå area, like the UNESCO World Heritage Site Gammelstad Church Town, which is the original Luleå founded in 1621 but in 1649 moved to its present location, the Luleå University, SSAB, the great steel company that supports Luleå Hockey, Teknikens Hus (the technical house) with hands-on experiments for young and old alike. The bridges Bergnäsbron and the older one of the Gäddviksbroarna are true architectural gems. Luleå is also the capital for the episcopate of Övre Norrland (Upper Norrland) and houses a beautiful cathedral built of masonry.


Shopping is the name for the shopping center in the middle of the city. The famous architect Ralph Erskine built the house in 1955. The Rustball is the most beautiful roundabout that I have yet seen in the world. It is situated on the Road 97 to Boden and Jokkmokk.


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