St Pauls

Norrbotten April-May 2021


During April and May I visited Norrbotten three times, the two first ones with my wife and the last one with my friend Stefan. There was snow in the woods, but the roads were free from snow. We slept in the car, and at other times slept at Hotel Jokkmokk and Hotell Scandic Ferrum, the famous hotel in Kiruna that will be closed down in 2022, and move to its new premises close to the new city hall.


We miss being at Coop Norrbotten Arena, home of Luleå Hockey, but hopefully we can see games there during the fall of 2021. We celebrated four years as a married couple with pictures from the water power plants of Akkats and Ligga. Ligga is my favourite water power plant and whenever I go there I have a break there and take pictures.


In Svappavaara I usually visit my maternal grandparents at the cemetery. Many of my relatives rest there. In Kiruna we often go to Empes, a famous food institution serving fast food. Most of the times we have suovas, smoked reindeer. I often also visit the place where I was born, the hospital of Kiruna.


In Jukkasjärvi we often stop by and have a look at Bror Hjort's altarpiece from 1958. It is perhaps one of the most famous paintings north of Uppsala. In the church of Kiruna we find Prince Eugen's famous altarpiece "Den heliga lunden" ("The Holy Grove"), which is also quite famous.


The most fascinating thing for me with Norrbotten is the Arctic Circle. There are many roads crossing the imaginary line, and we often have a short stop taking pictures of our car and the sign. Above the Arctic Circle there is light 24 hours for many days during the summer. In Jokkmokk there are fewer days with light 24 hours than for example in Kiruna. It means that at the North Pole there is sunlight for six months.


Length of Stay: Friday 16 April-Sunday 18 April 2021

April 16 In the car

April 17 At home as we arrived at 1 A.M.

Means of Transportation: Mercedes V222


Length of Stay: Thursday 29 April-Saturday 1 May 2021

April 29 Hotell Jokkmokk, Jokkmokk

April 30 At home as we arrived at 1 A.M.

Means of Transportation: Mercedes V222


Length of Stay: Friday 7 May-Sunday 9 May 2021

May 7 Hotell Jokkmokk, Jokkmokk

May 8 At home as I arrived at 1 A.M.

Means of Transportation: Mercedes V222


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