St Pauls

Norrbotten June 2020


Due to the the Corona pandemic, Swedes cannot visit neighboring countries, so we visit places in Sweden instead. Norrbotten is always a delight with the midnight sun in June, and Stefan saw it for the first time on Dundret. He took part in the first of our two journeys to Norrbotten, i.e. June 12-14. We also visited Svappavaara, where I lived when I was a child.


During the second journey, Lizette decided to walk up to the mountain of Stubbá and take the zone there. In the night we drove up to Loussavaara mountain in Kiruna and saw the midnight sun again. The day after we met our friends Folke and Carina at Kurravaara and were treated with tea and cinnamon buns. As a child my family and I went to our cottage which we had along the shores of the Kalix river, close to Svappavaara. We went by boat there in the summer, and Folke and Carina had a boat looking like those we had at the time. I asked if we could go on a boat tour on the Torne river and we could, and I was allowed to drive it.


Later in the day we went to Riksgränsen and took two zones on the border, one in Norway. The E10 road from Kiruna to Narvik is fantastic, but this time we had to stop at the border and not go to Narvik.


The next day we went home to Umeå via Pajala, Övertorneå, and Kalix.


Length of Stay: Friday 12 June-Sunday 14 June

June 12 Scandic Gällivare

June 13 Scandic Ferrum, Kiruna

Means of Transportation: Mercedes V222


Length of Stay: Saturday 20 June-Monday 22 June

June 20-22 Scandic Ferrum, Kiruna

Means of Transportation: Mercedes V222


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