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Norway 2022


For years I had dreamt of showing my niece and nephew all the beautiful places between Kiruna and Björkliden and this June it finally happened. Since the restrictions due to the pandemic were lifted during the spring, we were also able to visit Narvik and Lofoten in Norway.


The kids were absolutely fantastic travel companions and we had a really great time together. Even though André and I had travelled this road many times before, we had never been as far as Lofoten. We were all impressed by the huge mountains and the beautiful beaches, especially the beach at Ramberg. Unfortunately it was too cold and windy to swim.


Some highlights from the trip included:


A visit to Ájtte, Swedish Mountain and Sami Museum, in Jokkmokk.


A visit to Dundret in Gällivare to admire the view. Unfortunately there was no view due to heavy fog, but my niece thought it was great fun guiding the car through the mist by gps!


In Kiruna we stayed at Scandic Hotel in the new city centre. We all enjoyed the big breakfast buffet and when the fog lifted we were able to see Kirunavaara and Luossavaara, the two mountains of Kiruna.


Silverfallet, where the kids fell in love with the waterfall and Torneträsk and saw the famous Lapporten for the first time.


Narvik, where we took the cableway to Narvikfjellet and had a fantastic dinner at the restaurant and played with the remaining snow.


And of course, beautiful and windy Lofoten. We all felt as if we had arrived in Lord of the Rings or some other fairytale landscape.


Lizette Odeblom


Length of Stay: Saturday 18 June-22 June 2022

Means of Transportation: Mercedes V222


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