St Pauls

Norway October 2016


I have seen the signs to Bodø in Skellefteå all my life, which has aroused my interest in the city. In October 2016 it was the time and Lizette and I took our Mercedes W123 as it needed to go for a really long trip, our mechanic at Mercedes said. So 1,400 km was very fitting in our minds. We drove via Vindeln, Malå, and Arjeplog there, and home via Arjeplog, Arvidsjaur, and Skellefteå to Umeå. Bodø, warmed by the Gulf Stream, situated above the Arctic Circle was fantastic.It had a nice city center and an interesting air museum, guarded by a Hawker Hurricane. Another highlight was Bodøsjøen, a place near the Salt Fiord, with old barns from times gone by. We also watched the sunset from the fortification of Nyholm just opposite the city center.


From time to time we stopped to take some pictures of our Mercedes at various places along the way like Malå, Bodø, Fauske, the border between Sweden and Norway, and Vuoggatjålme, a small village in the municipality of Arjeplog.




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