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Stockholm-Uppsala 2020


Due to the Corona pandemic Swedes have to stay in Sweden during their holiday. Lizette and I decided to go to Stockholm and Uppsala. We also turfed a lot and visited the municipalities we had left in Stockholm and Uppsala, in order to color a map of Sweden with green. The map can be found at


At Iggesund there was a 66-meter big hill, made of waste products from the heyday when there was iron production at Iggesund. We wanted the zone there and nice views were to be had from up there. In the evening we arrived in our hotel in Uppsala, and I used a voi scooter to turf in Uppsala.


The day after we walked and turfed in Uppsala taking in the great sights like the big garden Stadsträdgården, the Palace of Uppsala, and the Cathedral of Uppsala. There was even a Mercedes EQ to be seen there. In the afternoon we saw the Church of Denmark and Carl von Linné's Hammarby, the house where he spent the last 20 summers of his life. We also went to Täby Church and the shopping mall of Täby. In the evening we walked at Djurgården, a big park in Stockholm.


On Thursday July 23 we started the day with turf at Almunge and then drove to my aunt Siv and her man Dick in Stockholm to have lunch in their apartment. They were so interested in our car that they wanted to take a ride in it. In the afternoon Lizette and I walked around in Stockholm turfing and shopping. In Hötorgshallen we had a wonderful kebab, which we liked a lot. In the evening we went to Råsbo and Gåvsta outside Uppsala and turfed.


The next day we went to the city of Strängnäs taking in the two main sights, the Cathedral and the Swedish Tank Museum (Sveriges försvarsfordonsmuseum). Later we went to Drottningholm, the palace where the Swedish Royal Family lives. After that we had a kebab in Bromma Kebab at the shopping center Bromma Blocks, and it was simply delicious. In the evening we turfed our way to Heby in the province of Uppsala, and then from there to Uppsala.


In the morning of July 25 it was time to go home to Umeå. We turfed in the province of Uppsala visiting places like Söderfors, Älvkarleby, and Skutskär, before arriving in Umeå in the evening.



Length of Stay: Tuesday 21 July-Saturday 25 July 2020

July 21-25 Scandic Uppsala Nord, Uppsala

Means of Transportation: Mercedes V222



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