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Sweden 2021


As we are experiencing a second summer with a pandemic, it is difficult to go abroad, so we went to our favorite province in southern Sweden, Skåne, and stayed there for a total of eight days, two in Österlen and six in Malmö.


My wife and Stefan also took part in this journey, but Stefan left us in Malmö and went to Lund at first. Later he came to Malmö but left after a day for Gothenburg. The first stop of our journey was at the Blommenhof Hotel in Nyköping. It is the third time we stay at the hotel, as it is a good one. Nyköping is also around 750 kilometers away from Umeå, which is a good distance for a day.


The second day we went through the provinces of Östergötland and Kalmar to Öland, even though we stayed 12 kilometers south of Kalmar. We visited a lot of municipalities turfing there. Öland is a nice place with Borgholm and the countryside. We visited quite a few churches there and went down to the lighthouse, Långe Jan, before going back to Kalmar.


The next day we saw Karlskrona, Bromölla, and Kristianstad before checking in at Karlsgården. In the evening our friend Per-Olof came to meet us and we had dinner at a tavern at Hammenhög. The day after we visited Ale's stenar, a stone ship from days gone by. Also the florist Karl Fredrik at Eklaholm was of interest. We visited his shop last year as well. The sea, Skurup, and Svedala were interesting to see. We dropped Stefan off in Malmö and then headed for the big shopping center Center Syd in the municipality of Kävlinge, north of Malmö. The evening was spent in Landskrona seeing the citadel there and having dinner in the city.


We visited the southernmost point in Sweden, Smygehuk, for 7 out of 8 days. It was truly a delight. In six days we went from Riksgränsen in the north to Smygehuk in the south. The day after we dropped Stefan off in Lund, where he wanted to turf. The next time we would meet again was in Uppsala on the day we drove home. We visited a lot of municipalities in Skåne, and then went back to Lund and saw the cathedral of Lund and turfed a little.


We stayed at the Havshotellet in Malmö for three days. We walked in Malmö in the mornings and then took the car to other places like the national park Söderåsen's National park and had dinner in Klippan, a municipality in the north of Skåne. The next day we decided to go to GeKås at Ullared, one of the most famous department stores in Sweden. We had to wait in line for 94 minutes before we could get in. In the evening we visited Halmstad and Båstad. We had no idea that theTennis Week in Båstad was going on, and that meant that there were a lot of tourists there, but it was very nice to be there.


The following day we walked in Malmö in the morning and then went to Ystad later in the day. We visited Sweden's southernmost church at Östra Torp, which was wonderful. We could see the sea from the church. In the evening we saw the Trelle Castle, which has given the name to the city of Trelleborg.


Skanör-Falsterbo is a twin city in the municipality of Vellinge. We took the opportunity to visit the beach there, and if I had had swimming trunks along, I would have swum in the ocean. Later in the day we went to the municipality of Hörby and then to Sjöbo and Smygehuk. The next day we went up at 5 A.M. and went to Umeå in one day, 1 286 kilometers away.


Length of Stay: Sunday 4 July-Thursday 15 July 2021

July 4 Blommenhof Hotel, Nyköping

July 5 Åmund Vin & Fruktgård, Ljungbyholm

July 6-8 Österlens Karlsgård, Löderup

July 8-11 Havshotellet, Malmö

July 11-14 Radisson Blu Malmö, Malmö

July 15 At home as we arrived after 12 A.M.

Means of Transportation: Mercedes V222


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