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In the summer of 2023 we wanted to travel two times, the first journey three weeks to London and the second one eight days to Germany and Holland. London is always a treat and we walked 15-25 km a day in parks and in the city. Our favorite parks are St James's Park and Green Park in the middle of London. Pictures from the journey can be found here.


We were at home almost two weeks and then took the car to Germany and Holland. Amsterdam and the Hague with its beach resort Scheveningen are truly wonderful cities. We also took in Delft, Bonn, Mainz, Erfurt, and Lübeck among the bigger cities. Pictures from the journey can be found here.


This site is mainly about my journeys around the world, but a piece of it is dedicated to Liljaskolan and my students, who can get hold of assignments and good examples written by older students whenever they want to.


Also there is a part of the site for one of my biggest passions in life, Mercedes.


Most welcome to my site!