St Pauls

Norrbotten June-July 2021


On this journey my wife and Stefan took part. We started with one night in Jokkmokk and then went to Kiruna for three nights. After that, the three of us went to Umeå and slept there for one night and then headed off south, which can be seen here.


We took the car up to Dundret, the mountain near Gällivare, and walked for 1 400 meters, and then we were on the top of the mountain. The name is Åke på toppen (Åke on the top) and is 824 meters above sea level. From there we could see Kebnekaise, the highest mountain in Sweden at close to 2 100 meters.


We also went to Nikkaluokta, a famous villiage, close to Kebnekaise. They have a church and a public mountain lodge. Nikkaluokta is the starting point for hikes up the Kebnekaise. In the evening we went up the mountain of Luossavaara and saw the midnight sun. The day after we went to Riksgränsen, but as last year we could not go to Narvik, due to the pandemic. In the evening we dropped Stefan off in Kiruna so he could turf there, and Lizette and I went to Svappavaara and walked around the village for 40 minutes in wonderful weather. We saw my maternal grandparents' two houses and the church, simply a walk down memory lane.


In Kiruna we saw the slogan: Summer above the Arctic Circle, which I liked immensly. It was circa 25 degrees Centigrade in the shadow, and we were above the Arctic Circle.


In June and July all flowers are in bloom and my favorite flower is the globeflower, a flower that for the most parts exists north of Jokkmokk and Överkalix in Norrbotten. This year there were only a few solitary globeflowers among others at the meadows of Svappavaara and Kiruna, but when I took the chairlift up the mountain of Nuolja at Abisko, there was a large amount of globeflowers on the mountain to my great delight. With a few globeflowers in the foreground, and Lapporten and Abisko in the background the vista was wonderful.


On the way home to Umeå we saw the water power plant of Messaure near Jokkmokk. It is one of the biggest in Sweden. It was hot with over 30 degrees, but it was nice to stop by and have a look.



Length of Stay: Wednesday 30 June-Saturday 3 July 2021

June 30 Hotell Jokkmokk, Jokkmokk

July 1-3 Scandic Hotell Ferrum, Kiruna


Means of Transportation: Mercedes V222


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